Home All Posts Ryen shows off his many talents on “De Mi”

Ryen shows off his many talents on “De Mi”


Ryen shows off his many talents on “De Mi”

Ryen shows off his many talents on "De Mi"

Ryen has been leading the charge in Chicago’s Latin music scene for awhile now. Utilizing a melodic blend of Latin trap and atmospheric R&B, he has found his niche as a versatile, multi-faceted voice in Chicago’s diverse musical landscape. His new single, “De Mi,” is a smooth, nocturnal cut which puts Ryen’s brooding introspection on full display.

Produced by Ryen himself, the instrumental is minimalistic and beautiful. The synths provide an ethereal ambience while the percussion carries the song forward. The pianos that pop in during the middle of the track add an extra element of spice that is quite colorful.

Ryen confronts loneliness and fear in his lyrics. The stripped back production allows the pain in his voice to take center stage, as he searches for something — anything — that might lift his spirits for a few seconds. There is something haunting about the passion he exudes which serves as a testament to how well he translates his vulnerability into song.

Ryen has been a fixture around the local scene for a little while now, and that shouldn’t change anytime soon. Though he is one of Chicago’s brightest young voices, “De Mi” shows the artistic maturity of someone well beyond his years. This track is a prime example of Ryen’s talent both with the pen and behind the boards, and being able to do everything will serve him well as he continues his ascent up Chicago’s musical ladder.


“De Mi” is now available on all platforms. Stream it here: https://www.looptheoryinc.com/demi

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