FREE – Latin RNB TRAP Sample Pack – Logic Source File Included – RnB Trap Loop Pack


Free Latin RnB Trap loop pack::

Sample PAX FREE STUFF Playlist ::

Simple yet powerful, easy on the ears yet very fulfilling, this sample pack gives you that nice tribal offset swing and is sprinkled nicely with hats and kick+snare combos.

*If you create ANY beats/compositions and publish them using any of our samples (free or premium), please post a link to your track here (must be a youtube vid) – if it’s good it gets added to our ‘MADE WITH SAMPLE PAX” playlist which will grow quickly once we got going. This may act as a great promo in the future, seeing how big playlist placement is getting everywhere :).


PS: This is a brand new channel and brand, I’m one person, out of Toronto Canada, and just consolidated all of my websites (12 or so), software, samples, etc into one brand and umbrella site to make it easy for people to get all my stuff in one place..

I would REALLY appreciate your sub, like, share etc. and I’m sure your people will appreciate the link too as I’m giving away a ton of my stuff on top of the premiums that are available.

Thank you kindly for reading and for your interest in my stuff!

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