Curious to Know Gucci Mane’s Net Worth?


People into music would not be able to think
of missing out on Gucci Mane’s tracks. This American rapper has indeed won
hearts with his spectacular vocal abilities. And, the fame that Gucci Mane has
earned over the years has made him travel the world in concerts. Thus, of
course, a celebrity rapper performing at such a grand level should be earning a
lot. Yes, if you are the one who has been wondering what Gucci Mane earns and
what his net worth is you are on the right page. Gucci Mane’s net worth stands at $12 million! You heard it right
with drum rolls on the background! $12 million is not easy to earn and it did
take Gucci Mane some years to become who he is today. While most claim that his
$12 million assets come only from being a rapper, let us find out the secrets
that this star has been trying to hide from the world.

Gucci Mane had always dreamt of making a
career in music. However, the posing competition and unwanted circumstances
deviated him from music and he started his career as a drug dealer. He was also
caught with cocaine and sentenced to imprisonment for 90 days. This is truly an
unfortunate incident but it was the turning point in his life. During this
embarrassing situation, Gucci Mane’s love for music was rekindled. He became
more serious and decided to focus on music so that he could make a stable
career out of it. After he was released from jail, Mane wrote his own songs and
rapped them to perfection. His determination caused him to release several
albums in the long run and become an entrepreneur. With music in his life,
Mane’s career was transformed.

Of all the successful albums that Gucci Mane
has released in these years, the noteworthy albums and incidents that changed
his life and added to his $12 million worth are as follows:

  • The
    State vs Radric Davis (2009) – $430,000
  • The
    Appeal: Georgia’s Most Wanted (2010) – $175,000
  • Appearing
    in the movie, “Spring Breakers” (2013) – $100,000

Gucci Mane is a successful American rapper
today but this success did not hit early in his life. Like many celebrities,
Mane has a story to tell from his early stages of life that will inspire people
all over the world. How did he overcome the hardships? How did he get into
music? How did he establish himself? The answers will be revealed now.

Mane’s Early Life

The real name of the American rapper, Gucci
Mane, is Radric Delantic Davis. The American celebrity was born on 12 February
1980 into a family where illegal practices existed. His father was a drug
dealer and it was difficult for his college-going mother to raise him by
herself in Bessemer, Alabama. Thus, as a child, Radric Delantic Davis was
raised by his paternal grandmother who tried to ensure that he did not step
into his father’s shoes. While his father was on the run in Detroit, Michigan,
the child was enjoying music from the early days. This introduction to the
world of music would not have been possible had his older half-brother, Victor,
not taken him to popular concerts. However, this did not sustain for long.

Radric Delantic Davis had to move to Alabama
with his mother. The area in which they lived had a high crime rate and he was
introduced to dealing drugs and making money when he was in junior school.
Though he tried to maintain his grades in school, the scent of money lured him
to use his Christmas money to buy drugs and sell the same. It was not until two
years that he started using drugs himself. And, even though he was not an
addict from the early days, he was inviting danger. In 1995, while carrying
drugs with himself, he was attacked by a robber who took away all drugs from
him while keeping him at gunpoint. It was after that incident that he started
carrying a gun with himself.

Radric Delantic Davis was an attentive
student despite this mess and he soon landed up in college with a scholarship.
At that time, Georgia Perimeter College did not know that he would end up in
jail for 90 days. Thus, as soon as their student was caught as a drug dealer,
the management expelled him from college. It was during this period that Radric
Delantic Davis decided to change his life for good. Little did he know that
Gucci Mane, the celebrity American rapper, was going to be born in the near

Mane’s Career

In interviews and his autobiography, Radric
Delantic Davis claims that Gucci Mane was born in 2007 and his potential was
unleashed in 2016. This American rapper wanted to change with the help of music
and he released his first album La Flare. This album received an overwhelming
response in East Atlanta and Gucci Mane was further encouraged to take his next
album to a bigger scale. This talented young man caught the attention of Young
Jeezy who collaborated with Mane in “So Icy”. Distributed by Tommy Boy Records,
this collaboration brought Mane into the limelight. Gucci Mane seized this
opportunity to work on his skills and release his debut album “Trap House”.
This album won hearts and made it to the Billboard Heatseekers Album chart.
This was Mane’s first grand success and there was no looking back since then.

With greater musical opportunities on the
roll, Gucci Mane not only started earning by selling his album but opened up
his own brand, 1017 Records, in 2007. He gave birth to the entrepreneur inside
him and went on to rock the world. He has inspired people not only through his
albums but also through is autobiography published in 2017. Gucci Mane is,
thus, a definite hit and females do consider him as their heartthrob. This
international success made Gucci Mane a successful bachelor and mingling with
the love of his life and taking things to the next level was naturally

Mane’s Personal Life

At present, Gucci Mane’s net worth has been surpassed by his wife, Keyshia
Ka’oir. Keysha Ka’oir is an entrepreneur. She is the owner of Ka’oir Fitness
and Ka’oir Cosmetics. At present, her net worth is $30 million! This lady’s
special moment was lived just after Gucci Mane completed his performance at the
Atlanta Hawks basketball game. After proposing to Keyshia Ka’oir publicly, the
wedding gala attracted several brands and was sponsored for this celebrity
couple. BET paid for their entire wedding and telecast it with 10 elaborate
episodes playing. The series was called “The Mane Event” and the style and
glamour gained immense appreciation. With having enough money to spend and yet
saving on their wedding, this couple has definitely managed to woo the public
at their grand wedding.

Gucci Mane is not just a rapper but a messiah
in the field of trap music. He has millions of fans who appreciate the hard
choices he made in life and feel inspired knowing the story of Gucci Mane. From
selling drugs on the street to being an international celebrity, Gucci Mane’s
story is one of a kind. No wonder the world is so keen on finding out Gucci Mane’s Net Worth!

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