Inside Brittany Packnett and Reginald Cunningham’s Woke New Orleans Wedding


Inside Brittany Packnett and Reginald Cunningham’s Woke New Orleans Wedding

Activists Brittany Packnett and Reginald Cunningham have devoted their lives to standing up for Black rights. Fittingly, every aspect of their New Orleans wedding honored those who stood before them. Studio BE was the perfect venue for their celebration of Black love, as it perfectly symbolized the pillars of pride and tradition that keep their love alive.

“Reggie and I met at a protest in St. Louis, our hometown, in 2014 during the Ferguson uprising,” Brittany told ESSENCE exclusively. “We were friends for two years, forging a bond on the street, organizing, protesting, and finding community along with the hundreds who made immense sacrifices for our freedom that year.” After discovering the commonalities in their lives, they realized the timing of their relationship was perfect.

What also came together was the location of their wedding. After they initially started dating, New Orleans was the first city Brittany and Reggie ever visited together, and quickly became their favorite. Not only did the couple return years later for a stunning ceremony rich in love and culture…they also did a bang up job with the “R&B Sunday” themed reception. Think of it as a ’90s house party all dressed up!

Trust us…you’ve never seen Black love celebration quite like this! Scroll through the gallery to see more photos from Brittany Packnett and Reginald Cunningham’s New Orleans wedding.

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