King Harris: My dad invented trap music



Viewers follow as King Harris grows up on the television series “T.I. & Tiny: Family Hustle,” but now the 14-year-old is paving an artistic lane for himself.

Harris released his debut rap single “Drip” on March 6 with a message of confidence for his own sense in fashion.

“Drip is basically me saying I do not need a stylist now. Because I’m constantly talking about how I walk out the house dripping like rain,” Harris said.

Harris’ father Clifford Joseph Harris, also known as rapper T.I., is dubbed as the inventor of trap music, a style of hip-hop that emerged in the early 1990s. Harris said he supports that view.

“I say yes because he was the first one that was really talking even on that subject and how he talked about it so,” Harris said. “And then everybody else kind of heard it, and then they rapped about they own story.”

The hip-hop artist also said his favorite songs during that era include “Be Easy,” “ASAP,” “Top Back” and “King.” Harris later revealed that’s where his first name comes from.

With this in his mind, Harris said that the best advice he’s received comes from his father.

“I want to say it’s not about what’s on you, it’s about what’s in you and that’s what my dad said to me,” Harris said.


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