Best Remixes of Popular Songs 2019 & EDM, Bass, Rap, Trap Music Mix #16


🔥 Best Remixes of Popular Songs 2019 & EDM, Bass, Rap, Trap Music Mix #16

Hey everybody! How are you doing? I’m glad to see you watching another episode of best remixes series. I decided to start this music mix with our exclusive remix of “bury a friend” by worldwide famous musician Billie Elish. Within extraordinary, powerful and super catchy drop I managed to bring you an exciting and promising begin for the mix. The next pick I gave to an insanely heavy and massive trap remix by xChenda of another viral hit called “Dance Monkey”. The idea I put in this pick was to boost the video’s energy even higher. Then I put another exclusive remix by our team of currently trending song “HIGHEST IN THE ROOM” by Travis Scott. We created pretty chill vibes with over-powerful and strong bass progression on the drop. Still, the idea was to keep on boosting your energy. Within the next pick I wanted to calm it down a bit by diluting the mix with happy but still powerful future bass vibes by BKAYE’s remix of one of Post Malone’s latest songs called “I’m Gonna Be”. I created a small fall down in the video’s mood and this was right the start point where I put the roller-coaster of emotions. The next pick I did was supposed to create a crazy contrast and it perfectly did its’ job. I put Yonexx & B3LLA’s remix of “Shameless” by Camila Cabello. Such an emotional and heartbreaking remix, I’m fully in love with it. Then I kept the roller-coaster and added some chill, but still emotional vibes within William Black’s remix of “Good Things Fall Apart” by Illenium, Jon Bellion. After I decided to increase the video’s energy and give some strong, motivational tunes. RYLLZ’s throwback remix of “Every Lie” by My Darkest Days created an incredible contrast and gave exactly the feelings I wanted. I still kept the roller-coaster and decided to add some dark mood vibes of something old and nostalgic. Dravyn’s remix of one of my all-time favorite song called “Emptiness” by Skan & Rune featuring Elza’s charming voice created a huge fall into gloomy vibes. The pre-final pick belongs to a fresh Akari’s remix of an old Post Malone’s song “Jonestown”. Within this remix I decided to create even more deeper fall into dark video’s atmosphere. The final pick I gave to BrillLion’s remix of “Play” by Alan Walker, K-391, Tungevaag, Mangoo. Pretty inspirational and heavy at the same time. After a few days of arranging the songs, plus mixing them, I got permissions and went to After Effects to work on the visual parts of this video. I decided to use Beeple’s visuals this time. I got the ones and license to them and then spent some more hours on audio-synchronization, to make my logo and a few more elements react to music and also motion particles to keep the dynamic feeling during the whole video. So it supposed to keep you fresh and fascinated. After I finished visual part, I put the video to render and I went to Photoshop to work on the thumbnail. I decided to use Yaşar Vurdem’s artwork of Billie Eilish. Once I got permission to it, I spent about an hour more editing it. I worked on color-correction, added text to introduce the video’s idea to viewers and a few more elements. In all the work took me about a week as it usually does. I hope you guys enjoy another great episode. If so, then don’t forget to support me by leaving a like, commenting and subscribing to the channel to be one of the first to hear best of new and undiscovered music hits 🙂

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00:00 ➥ Billie Eilish – bury a friend (Ali Akram Remix) [Trap Flow Exclusive]
02:33 ➥ Tones and I – Dance Monkey (xChenda Remix)
05:43 ➥ Travis Scott – HIGHEST IN THE ROOM (Trap Flow Remix)
08:50 ➥ Post Malone – I’m Gonna Be (BKAYE Remix)
12:06 ➥ Camila Cabello – Shameless (Yonexx & B3LLA Remix)
15:17 ➥ Illenium, Jon Bellion – Good Things Fall Apart (William Black Remix)
18:59 ➥ My Darkest Days – Every Lie (RYLLZ Remix)
21:25 ➥ Skan & Rune – Emptiness (ft. Elza) (Dravyn Remix)
24:27 ➥ Post Malone – Jonestown (Akari Remix)
27:57 ➥ Alan Walker, K-391, Tungevaag, Mangoo – Play (BrillLion Remix)

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