Rapper C.KHiD’s “If You Knew Better” Shows Evolution in Songwriting


C.KHiD concert on island in Texas

A rapper originally from South Carolina, C.KHiD vanished from the music industry back in 2015 or 2016, but now we’re here in 2019, and it looks like the ‘Yeah Yeah’ rapper is finally back to stay. After the artist collected millions and millions of hits on his YouTube tracks, he just up and  disappeared from all things hip hop, with only occasional updates to his profiles on social media, usually infrequent posts that were vaguely personal/professional/etc in tone. However, with a sudden release of 2 new songs for 2019, we’re finally seeing an obvious change in his professional activities. 

Back in January, the artist graced us with a teaser of an unreleased track in an Instagram post. The post’s caption reads as follows:

 “C.KHiD “If You Knew Better” ⚡️ Starting 2019 With New #Music🎶 Music Video Project Possibly Soon….. 🎥 💎 #NewSong #Rap #HipHop” 

New music and a new video? Why would a rapper on hiatus do anything of the sort, unless he was planning a real comeback to the music scene?

The lyrics we’re able to hear over and over in the short clip are “If you knew better, would you do better …. “ The rapper eventually released the track, appropriately titled “If You Knew Better,” and also released a track titled ‘Las Vegas,” honoring the Sin City itself. But this initially mentioned song is different from much of C.KHiD’s other material. The track has a relatively lo-fi sound, with a direct appeal to the listener, that’ll make you not only nod your head, but also genuinely ask yourself the question- if you knew better, would you do better? This new song of 2019 makes you wonder just as much as it makes you throw your hands up.

C.KHiD in santo domingo

A few weeks following his teaser post, the artist posted an abstract photo featuring him perched atop some identified street art. Looking like an urban Goku, the caption of the post reads:

C.KHiD – If You Knew Better” #newsong | Stream on #Tidal, #Spotify#AppleMusic, Etc |  I promised the release for the 1st but it wasn’t completely ready .. but still, I dropped it.  I just put it out to keep #2019 starting off with some #rapwork | Also find on #reddit , #youtube , #soundcloud | 📷 @conceptsexposed

It seems that while the rapper was away, he was involved in a lot of stuff. In August, 2018, the rapper posted a vlog on his YouTube channel, made up of segments documenting the period of time he was in the Dominican Republic. He shows himself hanging with people, getting his hair done, and basically just being a person. Plus, the documentary-style vlog also reveals that the rapper is at least bilingual, as he switches between Spanish and English flawlessly. Maybe one of his new tracks will feature this previously unknown skill. 

C.KHiD’s most recent Instagram upload shows a video of the rapper interacting with what looks like a fast food cashier. The two are seen lamenting the shooting of late rapper Nipsey Hussle, and the legacy of the man. We see them engage in an earnest way with one another, and the rapper is truly listening and reacting with genuine sympathy. The decision itself to film seems completely genuine, as the video quality is nothing professional – it’s just homegrown. C.KHiD’s caption reflects how spur of the moment the decision was. 

I’m Blessed . Thank you God for All.  #RIPNIP  Just giving y’all the full footage. no space to cap. i took all this off Youtube … bu with the news on Nipsey, i had to repost . Just to remind people. We lost a King.” 

C.KHiD seems to be evolving in every sense. His social media actually looks like a person’s real personal blogs, and his music is more polished while also being more vulnerable. He seems to be really focusing on ensuring that his new sound is one that not only fits into the music scene of 2019, but also stands out significantly. Luckily, this rapper has not lost his musical edge in 2019, but it remains to be seen what exactly he’s going to do with it. 

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