Meet Nxwrth, the Producer Driving Ghana’s Hip-Hop Sound


Nxwrth Interview, 2019

The West African nation of Ghana exhibits a love for hip-hop that is unlike any other in its region. You see, Africa is a continent where home-grown music genres like Afrobeats occupy the spotlight. In Ghana, however, hip-hop not only rubs shoulders with the local genres, but it also competes with them for popularity and commercial success. Moreover, hip-hop has given rise to some of the biggest success stories in the country.

Over the years, rappers such as Sarkodie, M.anifest, and more have achieved both national and continental success—winning BET Awards, touring Europe, and crafting discographies that could go toe-to-toe with any rapper in the world. Today, we see a more niche movement in the Ghanian music scene, where the youth have taken keenly to a particular subgenre of hip-hop: trap.

In the past two years, trap music has risen in popularity in Ghana with meteoric speed. A sound once reserved for A-list rappers and musically adventurous up-and-comers has become a full-blown movement. A tight-knit crop of emerging rappers and producers approached the game with a unified front and had one agenda: Make music that people think can’t pop in the country, pop in the country. And they did it. With concerts marked by mosh pit style dancing and lyrics recited in soccer chant fashion, the enthusiasm is undeniable.

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