Eminem’s 2017 Cypher Is More Relevant Than Ever | Music


The past two years of President Donald Trump’s virulent presidency have been marked by strong dissidents on both sides of the political aisle that has finally steamrolled into the start of the impeachment process.  

Rap has long been a rallying cry for disenfranchised Black communities to denounce the establishment that chain-linked their lives to systematic oppression. From Compton’s N.W.A to New York’s Public Enemy, artists have been proclaiming American society’s shortcomings for decades. When sharpened under the might of the angry and downtrodden, rap has wielded great influence holding those in power accountable and giving a voice to the silenced.

BET’s annual cypher has been a battleground for these grievances to take shape before they spill into an all-out verbal assault. In the leadup to 2019 BET Hip-Hop Awards, we decided to highlight why one cypher in particular is relevant.

Two years ago, Eminem unleashed a scathing four-and-a-half minute takedown of President Donald Trump during his pre-recorded freestyle at the 2017 BET Hip-Hop Awards. Aptly titled “The Storm,” the Detroit legend brutally blasted apart Trump’s incendiary politics with a blistering rebuttal targeting Trump’s media obsessions. 

Here are some lyrics that showcase why Eminem’s cypher is still holds up.

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